Childhood Memories


This picture was shot almost 4 years ago. I could not resist the sight of my daughter Chinmayee passionately hugging her Teddy Bear. I captured the moment and wrote a poetry for her and her teddy.

Childhood Memories.

If I ever had a chance,
going back to my childhood days;
I always would love to have and
give a hug from and to
such softer lovelier Teddies,
even today,
than –

that wicked Willow, Wickets, and Ball,
that witty Tip-cat,
those slippery Marbles,
that hideous Hide and Seek, and
all other mischievous stuff.

How would you ever know…

Dear Child,
that I had fun, but all these those games
lacked and lack the warmth of Teddy’s hug.

Dear Child,
I, with my worn out age, but loving heart wish You,
Your childhood days remain alive filled with
warm live hugs, forever, from everyone.


Published by

Aniruddha Sastikar

A 3rd rate poet and all nonsense photographer who spits art here, there, everywhere.

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