About Aniruddha

Aniruddha was born in 1974 in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. A graduate in Commerce and have worked in various professions like – Sales, Marketing, Banking, Automobiles, Market Research, and Social Media.

During my working years, Aniruddha never knew he could use the pen to write; until a few years ago, when he saw a family of three, crossing the street while returning home; reminded him of his daughter and wife – just then the idea of exploring penning skills struck me. Initially, he started with a poetry dedicated to my daughter Chinmayee and daughters across the world.

He has authored three poetry books entitled Maiden Musings – Vol. 1 and 2, and Wings of Freedom, and being fond of children he also has written a short story book for children entitled ‘Once upon a time….

Aniruddha loves photography and he tries to add voice to whatever pictures he captures. He shares his photo poetry on blogger – Let Photos Speak… and as a part of regular blogging, he shares his thoughts on another blog Maiden Musings

It was in July 2015 one of his photographs was exhibited at ‘The Louvre Museum’, Paris, France, in the architecture collection. The exhibition was organized by SeeMe. Exposure Awards – The Architecture Collection

Recently yet another photograph was displayed at Chashama Art Gallery in New York, New York. The exhibition was organized by SeeMe, SquareSpace, & Chashama Art Gallery. Chashama Gala Event – Times Square, New York.

He always keeps on saying – “This isn’t just the end, I always strive to learn and improvise my work”.

He lives with his wife – Anshumati and daughter – Chinmayee in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.